Using Mobile Apps to Improve Life and Business


There is currently a multitude of companies out there designing mobile apps in order to make our lives easier, more convenient and even healthier

Businesses design mobile apps so that their customers can access their products or services more conveniently. This also enhances brand loyalty and stops customers from switching to competitors. These business apps come in a vast variety.

Different Apps for Different Industries

Many of the financial business apps will help people keep track of things such as insurance, bank balances, credit cards, loans and even hedge funds. Then we have those that sell products. People can get the latest price update, fashion/product updates, and technology and accessory enhancements.  Let’s not forget the thousands of magazines and newspapers out there covering world news, sports, TV and films.

There are also VPN apps. Dazn is one of the most popular at the moment.

In the consumer market cinemas and gyms are now offering mobile apps in order to capture their target market’s attention. In fact, anywhere you can buy a ticket for a show, event or theme park will be looking for your repeat business. As a result, having a mobile app that allows you to easily book your ticket and utilize discounts is going to make life easier for you and for the provider, well they get your loyalty.

Note: most large corporation survive because 75% of their sales usually come from repeat sales –what better way than to maintain those repeat customers than a mobile app that makes customer life easy and the purchase experience an enjoyable one.

What about other apps that help in our everyday lives?

You may understand why someone would design an app that is connected to some kind of business. On the other hand, you may be confused why there are so many free apps out there that help with time management, health and exercise routines, cooking apps and more.

Most of the time these apps are free because should that app become popular, then the owner can sell the app for a tidy profit, use it to sell advertising or use the app to upsell a product or service.

It is a fair deal in many ways. On the one hand, we get an app that helps us improve the area of our life we feel we need to organize better. Consequently, the free app helps us to help the app developer. We then get a few advertisements along the way – the same as you would get opening a magazine, reading a free newspaper or any newspaper for that matter or when we watch TV.

In some cases, we find that the upsell from the app opens up new doors. We unwittingly stumble across access to a whole world of information and bargain products as well as ideas without even realizing the app would help us in such away. Take for example a free cooking recipe app.

Clearly, we want to learn to cook, and when we learn the new recipes books will be suggested from top chefs in their field, and/or the app will suggest the best places to buy certain ingredients delivered directly to your doorstep. You may even discover a restaurant that serves your favorite cuisine just around the corner and you didn’t even know it was there.

There is no doubt that mobile apps help us and benefit us. They give us an inside look into the areas of life we are interested in.

They also help us delve deeper into our hobbies and interests using configurable/customizable components that come with the app. For instance, you could tell an app to give you all the latest scores for your favorite sports team or configure a shopping app to alert you of discounts and sales.

Thanks to mobile application development the world is your oyster!

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