The most popular job types in Bangalore


There is nothing to explain why getting a job is such an important part of everyone’s career and life. Everyone desires a job of his or her type. Nowadays growth in population has lead to increase in job opportunities too.

Well, along with job opportunities, job varieties and versatility has also increased. There are wide varieties of jobs nowadays. One can easily choose from the wide variety of task. Other than information technology jobs, there are many vibrant jobs in Bangalore, one can look for. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Most sought after jobs in Bangalore-

Event management-not only this is a unique, fresh and amazing job….but it also is creative. People who like management and planning can pursue this career path. Event management is a vast sector which consists of many other branches of its own. Wedding planning, party planning, decorating, catering … all of this fall under event managing. Moreover, this also pays well. So why not get a job which is fun to do and also pays well? If one is looking for this kind of jobs in Bangalore, then event managing is the best one. One can also choose from the long list of its branches. People get married every day. Planning a wedding in India is itself a great task. People nowadays depend solely upon wedding planners and party planners for these kinds of jobs. A huge amount of pressure is released from their head while they hire a wedding planner. Bangalore is a very posh and luxurious city. Everyone wants a lavish wedding ceremony and no one risks planning it on their own anymore. Hiring a wedding planner is a better choice according to most of the people. There are a lot of courses regarding event management. Getting a proper degree from a reputed college or institute will easily help to get a decent job.


Interior decorating– this is another most creative and imaginative type of job. This kind of job is a freelance job but most interior decorating agencies and firms also hire people on contract basis for long term projects. The idea of designing something and creating something new is required for this kind of job. Bangalore is a place of creative minds and most people pursue this career path .well; however, this type of job is not as easy as it sounds. It requires geometrical ideas and proper knowledge of application of geometry and designing. This is one of a kind job and requires a wide range of talent to succeed .people who wants to pursue this job need to have a proper degree in interior designing. Then and only then will he or she get a job in this field.

Hotel management – this is probably the most sought after job type in India, especially places like Bangalore. The art of making food and hotel management is the one thing everyone is running after. People who like cooking food or who have a deep interest in culinary art can join this career path. Mostly people who pursue hotel management courses have the aim to become a chef or a cook. This is a great job. Increase in number of students aspiring for hotel management has lead to the increase in number of restaurants and food chains across the country. This is a very good sign for economy and development. Moreover cooking is a form of art and is a very great path to opt for. There are a lot of institutes across Bangalore that offers these courses.

Architecture and engineering– in this growing population, the demands of people are also increasing. The shortage in land space has led to serious issues. Architects are in great demand these days. Mostly architecture is considered to be the art of planning and building but nowadays it is very important as not only houses but flyovers, airports, runaways, skyscrapers, hospitals, malls, roads….etc are being built at a rapid pace.. In facts it is right below the slot of engineering in Bangalore. As amazing this job type sounds like, it also is very high paying and respectful kind of job. This kind of job is the perfect combination of creativity, intelligence, finance and execution. Architectural degrees are provided by many institutes in Bangalore. A sound knowledge of physics, chemistry, and mathematics is needed for it.

This was a very short list of the popular jibs in Bangalore .there are many others along with these but specifically the above ones are most sought after in today’s time.

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