Smart Features for the Phone Spy Usage


Losing the phone or having the device stolen is one of the biggest fears of users
Every user who has ever lost a phone or been stolen knows that the process is not easy at all. In addition to no longer having the device, the user is concerned about blocking information so that someone else does not have access to photos, messages and contacts saved on the smartphone.
However, what was a tricky task just got a little simpler with the help of tools that help track a lost or stolen cell phone. By accessing the smartphone platform, the user can locate or lock the device without having to have an application installed on the smartphone. Check out the resources available to major operating systems to track down a lost or stolen phone.
Smartphones running Google’s operating system can be found by searching for “find my phone” in the search engine. The page directs the user to the My Account area where the devices linked to that Google account will be displayed. In addition to locating the device, the tool can lock the smartphone and display a message to anyone who finds it. The feature leaves the only available option to call an additional number registered by the phone owner.
You can also make the phone ring at full volume if you have forgotten where you left it. The platform also allows the smartphone owner to sign out of their registered mobile phone account to prevent someone else from gaining access to their personal information.

IOS devices have a feature similar to Android but must be logged in to iCloud, Apple’s cloud storage service. When accessing the platform, the user can see the Find My Phone tool, which can display the position of the device on a map. The user can also lock the device remotely and send a message with a contact number.
Apple platform lets you erase information saved on your smartphone
That way, the person with the smartphone can only call the owner of the smartphone and will not be able to access the information saved on the device. In more extreme cases, it is possible to erase the contents of the mobile phone remotely and return to factory settings. If the device is found, you can recover the information through a backup in iCloud.
Windows Phone
Microsoft also offers a device finder with its operating system. The feature is available on the device area of the company website. To locate the device, the user must login with the same account used on the smartphone. The platform then tells you which phones are linked to this account. In the right column, click Find My Phone.
The tool displays the time and place the device was last viewed. By clicking on the link, the user can view a map in more detail. The platform can make a sound on the phone to find it. If desired, the user can lock the smartphone and display a personalized message on the screen so that the person who has found the device can contact you.

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