Short Wedding Dresses: How to Choose the Ideal One


For you, going out to look at party dresses  is a panorama? If now the roles have been reversed and instead of being invited you have to walk to the altar, it is time for you to start the search for  wedding dresses . It will not be the same as looking for dresses for a party, but calm, take this item calmly so that the dress is the one for you and you can combine it with that hairstyle collected with braids that you saw on Instagram and you liked so much, or with the hoops that your granny gave you. So do not lean towards the first model you see in the display case; On the contrary, the ideal is that you review many catalogs and try different models until you find the suit that makes you feel safe and special.

Now, if what you are concerned about is your short stature and you think it will be difficult for you to find a suit that fits you, don’t worry, here we help you with all the tips you need to know. Although remember; The final decision will always depend on your tastes and interests and not on the opinion of others. The important thing is that you are happy with your decision. Also, there are many options if you are a little girlfriend!

Mindful of color

When leaning towards a particular model, keep in mind that the ideal is for the dress to be in  one color . In other words, try not to combine shades and avoid patterned or shiny designs. Remember that for short women, a simple wedding dress  is usually the best one; However, if you love colors, you can play with accessories or delicate color embroidery , because finally, who will wear the dress will be you, so the decision is entirely yours.

And what about the neckline?

Like excess volume, too low a neckline will highlight your height. So, regardless of what size your front is, the ideal is that you use a medium neckline , for example, a V-neckline, but not a very deep one. And make sure that this leaves enough space between the neck and the chest to show off some detail, such as a fine pendant. And for the same reason,  try not to use closed necklines , such as high necklines, since they hide the clavicle, which is an essential element to stylize the silhouette. However, if you love to show skin, then dare with a backless wedding dress , where it does not matter if you are short or tall, the important thing is to have the personality and grace to show off your back with security and charm.

The right footwear

It is worth remembering if you want to look taller : choose a comfortable shoe, but try to have a high heel to better accompany your dress, especially if you are a short bride and your tall boyfriend and you want the difference not to be so noticeable . Take the test so that you do not suffer on the day of your marriage and you will notice the difference between wearing low and heeled shoes. On the other hand, if you prefer to lean towards short wedding dresses , the recommendation is that you choose open shoes in the front, as they will make you look longer.


You can not leave hair aside, since it  is a fundamental complement to your  wedding look . In this case, since your goal is to lengthen your figure, you must be clear that the collected hairstyles are the most recommended; especially high bows or others with volume at the crown, as they recreate an effect of false height.

Although you can also ask your trusted hairdresser to try hairstyles with braids and loose hair , instead of opting for the traditional bow, if your wedding look is more of the hippie chic style; Or ask her for some  nice braids , if you are in love with this type of hairstyles and dream of a herringbone braid for the day of your marriage.

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