Long Term vs Short Term Digital Marketing Tools


Introduction: Long-term & Short-term Tools

The long-term or short-term of a Tool is defined by the content which is available for the users and the ability of the tool to perform to fulfill a Digital Marketer’s short-term or long-term objectives.

A Blurn Website Design Agency Sydney, Australia uses several marketing tools to achieve his short term and long-term strategic goals of his business. Hi uses certain tools for achieving immediate sales and branding objectives. Some other tools he uses to attain sustained long-term strategic goals. Business goals for a business are both branding and sales goals. 

Some Digital Marketing Tools will help with reaching out to large swathes of the target audience instantly. Likewise, many tools will help to reach out to a large audience but over a period of time, that too covering audiences not in one go but in incremental numbers. Search Engines like Google, Bing, etc., help in reaching out to a large number of people but in small numbers across time stamps through searches done for the specific keyword phrase. Search Engine as a promotional tool is an inbound marketing tool that will give results on demand. Digital Marketing Strategists have to judiciously pick tools that suit their long-term or short-term objectives. 

Here, we will classify Short Term and Long Term Digital Marketing Tools and understand their efficiency and potential to create long time and short term impacts. We will also see how these Short Term and Long Term Digital Marketing Tools help to achieve results in terms of brand announcements, brand reach, sales promotion, and sales conversions.

Again, it is all the more important of the Digital Marketer to select his marketing tools that fit the bill. For example, if you are a Start-Up and want to achieve your short-term branding objectives like reaching out to a vast audience in a very span of time, paid ads and media are the ideal methods and tools. Because the extent of reach is directly proportional to the ad amount spent. You may opt for digital ads or advertorials to reach out to a wide audience in a very short time. If, for instance, you are into an engineering field and want to digitally promote your industrial equipment and look for a long-term internet presence, an industrial or business directory will be your suitable choice.

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Selection of Right Marketing Tools

Selection of the right Digital Marketing Tools means half the battle won. Not only that, Some digital media are perfect tools for instant marketing outreach but may not help with long-term promotion. In the same way, if you want to promote your products or services to the local market and create a strong local brand presence, you look for specific tools that are out and out suitable for local reach and marketing. Same with your marketing plans for regional, national, export, consumer, B2B, niche markets, and special interest audiences, groups, and segments. Tools need to be identified as to their functional abilities to fulfill your branding, sales, leadership, and/or 

Proper selection and choice of tool is important in that any bad selection may render it ineffective to achieve your market goals. For instance, if you choose a short-term tool to achieve your long-term goal or vice versa, the selected digital marketing tool will not serve its purpose. Every tool has its own capability and limiting factors. Moreover, both types (short and long-term tools) may even look identical at the outset but vary completely differently functionally. No single tool is all in all and can be a perfect fit for all purposes. So, your choice of digital marketing tools matters, and in order to achieve short-term and/or long-term objectives, you have to choose tools accordingly.

However, if you have a broad-based objective with long-term and short-term goals to achieve both branding and sales results, you can use a portfolio of both short-term and long-term tools to your advantage. 

Short Term Tools

Short Term Branding Tools

Social Media

Social Media is understandably a short-term business promotion tool where your posts last for a few hours or few days based on the platform type. For example, on Facebook and Twitter, your posts keep on streaming. These are perfect examples of short-term branding tools. On Twitter, your posts run so fast out of your view and get lost in very few seconds. Though social media content is searchable, the real purpose is not to have a long-term view but to gain immediate attention.  

Google PPC

Another great example of a short-term digital marketing tool is Google PPC. Very effective to reach out to the target audience for specific keywords or keyword phrases, Google PPC Ads can be used to get immediate visibility to fulfill your short-term branding goals. The Ads will continue to show results until the marketer stops his marketing budget. The more he is willing to spend and the more keywords he wants to promote, the more visibility that he gets in the short run.

Press Releases

Paid Press Releases and Advertorials (Paid Editorials) are one-offs or shorter campaign media tools and methods that produce powerful short-term visibility which is mostly taken for limited period subscriptions. 

Short Term Sales Tools

Landing Page

A Landing Page is often created for a particular cause or a particular campaign and promoted for a short period of time until the sales campaign ends.


These offer typically short-term listings for business for a period of 15 days to promote singular objectives like selling a used mobile or renting out a home or business space. 

Coupon Directories

These are Coupon, Deals or Discount Directories where Offer Coupons/Coupon Codes are offered, listed, and published for a limited time usage or promotion.  The Coupon Directories list the coupons for a limited time for 45 days or so and beyond which the coupons lose their validity or expire, and may not even show up in the Directory’s listing pages depending upon how the Website Administrator has set the coupons to view status.

Long Term Tools

Long Term Branding Tools

Business Directories

Business tools like Business Directories carry or show business listings for one or more years based on their paid or free subscription policies. Typically, a Business Directory listing is permitted to have long-term content present in the way of business and product descriptions, business portfolio listing, etc.


YouTube is a perfect example of a Long Term Digital Marketing Tool. The videos that are submitted, uploaded or published along with descriptions and keywords are retrieved or get shown in the search results for searching the related keywords and through related searches. 

Image Directories

These are directories where hordes of image content along with relevant descriptive content, tags, and keywords for the search engines to list them in the SERP results page and yet another perfect example for Long Term Digital Marketing Tools.

Content Marketing: Blog

A Blog is considered a long-term and serves as a long-term digital marketing tool. Whenever people want to visit the blog, they can go to the blog and find out what they want or read new blog posts. Blogs show up in search engines for the right keywords and get visitors through backlinks. External blogs can also be used for your SEO efforts to place backlinks and boost your website SEO scores. You can get long-term desirable branding results through Blogs and Blog Posts.

Content Marketing: Infographics

Infographics submitted in Image Directories and Social Media are retrieved through search engines through keywords and topical searches. Ideal for long-term brand promotion efforts. 

SEO Process

SEO is a long-term web promotion process by which you will get sustained and organic branding and search engine visibility results for a specific set of keywords promoted intentionally.

Long Term Sales Tools

eCommerce store

Products listed on an eCommerce store stay for a long time until they get sold and go out of stock. In some Online Stores, even the expired or sold-out goods still show up and an opportunity is provided to contact the Cart Owner to place orders. So, eCommerce stores are long-term tools.

Content Marketing: Case Studies

Case Studies are perfect marketing tools to showcase your business capabilities, expertise, and strengths in your sales efforts online. Case Studies can be used as an effective lead generation tool on a long time basis. 


The selection of relevant digital marketing tools is not a stand-alone decision over a singular marketing standpoint. In fact, the decision to use specific long-term/short term should be guided by the overall strategic objectives for long-term/short-time. Ably done and with a clear marketing roadmap, you can achieve your long-term/short-time objectives as desired.

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