Five Reasons to Marry a Unique Wedding Dress


Many brides are currently searching for their dream wedding dress. During this process, many doubts come to them: ” What style do I want? ” ” What silhouettes favor me? ” ” What type of fabrics should I choose? ” ” How will I know what my wedding dress is? ” There is only one evidence in which all the brides agree and are clear: they want their wedding design to be unique, to represent them and to enhance their personality and style, in addition to their natural beauty. From Laura Escribano Atelier they propose their unique garments, dresses and very exclusive blouses, for extraordinary brides.

Why should you marry a unique wedding design?

  1. Each woman is unique

Why isn’t your wedding dress going to be as unique and different as you are? All the unique designs of Laura Escribano Atelier are as unique as the DNA of each person. That the making of the dress is as authentic and different as the bride is a differentiating point that they offer from the Madrid firm.

  1. You are perpetuating a legacy

Unique designs are real jewels, they are not just another design. A unique wedding dress is a garment that has history, culture, and craftsmanship, and is nestled in a very special moment for the bride. She herself is going to plant the roots of her own history. In this way, the old fabrics are given a new life. A new story. A new legacy.

  1. Tell a story through the fabric

When acquiring a unique wedding dress, a romantic story continues through the fabrics of more than 100 years old. The bride who wears it will continue to nurture a unique and exclusive design from her own experiences.

  1. Sustainability

Brides who wear these types of dresses for their wedding day are helping not to promote fast fashion or the industrialization of bridal fashion. In addition to collaborating with the environment, local crafts are promoted so that small artisans continue to function. Remember, behind each dress, there are hands making it with great care.

  1. Your wedding dress, more than a memory of a single day

There will be no bridal design like it, the bride will keep it as a unique garment and exclusively adapted to her body, tastes, and style. For your big day. After the wedding, Laura Escribano’s atelier offers the possibility of transforming the dress to be able to wear it on any occasion. Ready to rewrite your own story.

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