Find Your Ideal Wedding Dress According to Your Budget


Experts say that, on average, brides usually invest about 1,700 euros in their dress for the big day. However, that figure can vary depending on different factors: from the area of ​​Spain in which they live to the rest of the budget they have available to organize the wedding . Therefore, because the circumstances of each woman are totally different, we have selected different designs that, depending on your budget, could convince you for the ‘yes, I want’.

For less than 200 euros

Finding such a cheap dress is not always easy. Luckily for brides who do not want to invest too high a budget in their design, there are options like the ones Venca has included in his first collection of bridal gowns. These are fairly simple garments that, although they play with trends, prefer not to fall into excesses. The one in the picture costs 199.99 euros.

For less than 200 euros

Also at Asos it is possible to find a great variety of bridal designs at affordable prices. Most of the dresses integrate some of the trends that brides have liked the most in recent months . The one in the image, for example, plays with the halter neckline , a finish that since Meghan Markle wore it, has become one of the m From 200 to 600 euros

It is increasingly common to find brides who escape from the most classic bridal dresses and opt for short designs, two pieces , jacket suits and even jumpsuits . In this last category we can fit the model in the image, a garment from the BHLDN firm that is possible to get for 254 euros and is especially flattering and practical for weddings held in an unconventional place.  ost requested by women who take the step of getting married.

From 200 to 600 euros

Bo & Luca signature designs are not always affordable. However, if you take advantage of the sales and look for a simple dress, with little ornament, it is easy to find some option with a better price. That is the case of the model in the image, a dress made of tulle and chiffon, with a minimalist appearance , only adorned by small 3D fabric flowers superimposed on the body. Its price? 588.80 euros.

From 600 to 1,200 euros

It is increasingly common for international fashion firms, whose star garment is dresses, to incorporate bridal designs into their collections. These models are usually linked to trendy silhouettes such  as wrap dresses or slip dresses , although there are exceptions. An example is the dress in the image, a Reformation design , lace and a fairly classic silhouette. It is available for 606 euros.

From 1,200 to 2,000 euros

Although Rosa Clará’s designs usually exceed 2,000 euros, in her Boheme collection it is possible to find slightly cheaper designs . That is the case of the model in the image – available for 1,890 euros -, a dress with a ‘A’ silhouette made in  georgette , ideal for brides with a romantic and bohemian style at the same time.

From 1,200 to 2,000 euros

The richer the fabrics chosen to make the dress or the greater profusion of details the garment has – embroidery, appliques, rhinestones … – its price will be somewhat higher. So it is not surprising that the designs made in a good lace touch the 2,000 euros . That is the case of this model that fits the body like a second skin. A design by the Australian firm Grace Loves Lace whose price is 1,950 euros.

More than 2,000 euros

Most designers who make their dresses to measure usually value their garments at a price higher than 2,000 euros. Something that also happens with some bridal firms or with brands that flirt with this sector. That is the case of  Christopher Kane . Although some accessories from the Scottish designer’s bridal collection have somewhat more affordable prices, his dresses exceed this figure. The model in the image, for example, costs 2,195 euros.

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