Dresses for Tall Brides


Don’t worry about your height! If you are tall, perhaps finding the dress of your dreams is not an easy task. If you need help, nothing better than resorting to the wedding dress firms . Remember that all bridal fashion designers present special dresses for women like you every season. But to be fashionable, it is essential to know what are the latest news. Surely in the 2020 wedding dress catalogs you will find the perfect model! Also remember that you should also pay special attention to the choice of wedding shoes. Do you want to discover all the secrets to hit your big wedding date? Let’s start!

Do you want to hide your height?

A tall bride is always elegant, although she also has some drawbacks. Maybe your partner is a little shorter than you and you don’t want that to show much. And less the great day! In this case you will have to find a certain balance. How to get it? Very easy: choose a dress with a wide and voluminous skirt , or opt for short or semi-long skirts. Forget about very long sleeves and choose them three-quarter, short or bulky. More tricks? Don’t forget about the suits with low or bare backs. It is also advisable the wide, horizontal necklines or bare shoulders , as also allow stature disguise.

Dare to innovate

One of the great advantages of tall women is that they can afford more or less baggy or volume garments and that they can wear almost all kinds of designs, even short wedding dresses. So you can be a woman who breaks the mold on her day B. What are you waiting for?

Chase symmetry

If you are tall, your suit should look for symmetry. This way you will look more balanced. The dresses low waist with strapless neckline or heart will feel that your legs are shorter. You can also try a midi cut model, neither long nor short, mid-calf: it is ideal to visually “shorten” the figure. The perfect outfits for tall brides are those with capes and strapless designs. Also those that include textures and a horizontal line that divides the body in two: try a model with a bow or a belt. Anything else? Flee from dresses with very long and vertical folds, and from those that include very, very long tails.

Look at the sleeves

The French or three-quarter sleeves are ideal to dwarf your silhouette and stylize the arms, while they are very appropriate if your wedding is going to be celebrated in autumn or winter.

The ideal neckline

Tall girls always like V-neck wedding dresses , especially if they have broad shoulders. Play with all kinds of necklines and try different styles. The wedding dresses with sweetheart neckline will also look great, as well as those that bet on the word of honor, the halter or the super pronounced. Especially if they are on the back!

Are you thin or a little thick?

If you are a slim bride, go for slim fit designs and mermaid-style wedding dresses . You will be spectacular! On the other hand, if you have a few kilos left, you can try a drop skirt suit , but without much volume. How about an empire-cut wedding dress ?

Bet on a shoe without too much heel

Although it is clear that you can opt for the type of footwear with which you feel most comfortable and think that it favors you the most, if you want to “decrease” your height a little, a simple resource is to choose flat wedding shoes . In addition, during the bridal dance they will be most comfortable for you .

Do not forget that there must be harmony between the dress, the hairstyle and the bridal bouquet to balance your image, define your style and that you do not look excessively high. To achieve this, review the  wedding hairstyles and choose one that favors you and no longer increases your height. But above all, carefully study the wedding dresses for high. You will be sure. And you will be beautiful!

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