3 Ways To Pamper Yourself After Lockdown Ends


After more than a year in a global pandemic with no clear end in sight, it can be fun to make plans after the pandemic ends. With numbers declining and people becoming anxious to get back to their pre-pandemic lifestyles, it could be a good time to start thinking about ways you’ll pamper yourself as a reward for making it to the other end of the pandemic despite changes, stress, and living in uncertain times. If you’re interested in ways you can pamper yourself when the pandemic fades, read on for three simple ways to reset.

1. A Trip to the Day Spa


If you’re like many, you’ve spent the better part of an unconventional year in pajamas and working and learning from home. If your biggest trip out has been to the grocery store, it could be hard to remember the serenity you once felt after a full spa service treatment. Maybe you have reservations or concerns about how you’ll jump back into the world after the pandemic is finished. The best way to point yourself in the right direction could be the promise of a day spa pampering session.

Anyone who’s ever spent the day at the spa knows it can be more relaxing than escaping into a favorite book. From facials to massage, the spa can help you relax enough to eliminate negative thoughts and come out with a whole new mindset. If you’re someone who’s struggled with feelings of sadness, anxiety, or hopelessness during the pandemic, a spa day could be the perfect way to glide back into a new routine post-pandemic.

If pampering yourself with a spa day sounds like a great idea, consider picking up a gift certificate for a friend or family member you haven’t been able to see. Getting a pedicure together first thing post-pandemic could be a great way to reconnect and have you back to meeting for lunch regularly again in no time.

2. A Self-Care Gift


Maybe you spent early January listing things to start doing for yourself in the new year. If you’re like most, those New Year’s resolutions are already history. The great news is that you can bring them back to create positive change after the pandemic. Pampering yourself with self-care items that increase your overall mental and physical wellness could be key to feeling like yourself again after the pandemic.

Self-care ideas to consider could include beauty products, CBD products to lower stress levels or anything that encourages returning to interests and hobbies. Items revolving around fitness like a new gym bag or yoga mat could be great ways to pamper yourself, too. A fitness or beauty subscription box could also be a great way to go.

3. A Road Trip


Some people have already begun transitioning back into the world. For many, they’d discovered the joy of a road trip. While different places and businesses will open at their own pace, planning a road trip now could be a great way to pamper yourself. Think about renting an RV, converting a van, or doing some research on Airbnb destinations for a road trip you could take later. If you’re still working or learning remotely, this could even be something to consider now.

When the pandemic is over, many of us will be called back to offices and revert to old weekday schedules. If your time at home is limited, you could make the best of your time left at home by venturing out on the road safely. From staying at national parks or taking advantage of off-season RV campgrounds, you could pamper yourself now with a road trip to make memories you’ll thank yourself for down the road.

No matter how you decide to reward yourself, the first thing to do is take a deep breath. The pandemic won’t last forever. A great way to spend the few months we have left is to do some planning on ways you’ll reward yourself for getting through it.

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