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Do you see an oval-shaped, flat low-lying body with long antennae, six legs and winged insect roaming around so fast on any part of your house? The distinct name of this insect comes from the Spanish word, Cucaracha, and transformed into “cock” and “roach” in 1620s English folk etymology.

“Cockroach” is an insect that shuns the light, which in classical Latin was applied. 

 Different Kinds of Cockroaches to watch out

Sydney is well-known to be notorious of having bunch of cockroach infestations according to news.  It is because of the warm and humid places in which cockroaches find the right moisture for them to stay and live very well.

Let us identify the different kinds of cockroaches which are commonly seen here in Australia (out of 450 species) and considered pests.  

German Cockroach is smaller than other cockroaches, usually found in garbage containers, boxes, furniture, kitchen cabinets, and sinks reaching also some pipes. They tend to stay inside the house, together with your things especially luggage. This kind of cockroach is roaming around the apartment buildings, with an intensely growing population due to the shared wall of apartments. 

On the other hand, Australian Cockroach is color brown, with the tegmina having a conspicuous lateral pale margin and yellow head shield, a very similar look to the American cockroach, only differs in size. It is smaller than an American cockroach and very mobile because of its wings which are capable of flying. Like any other cockroaches, it prefers warm climates or in moist conditions and mostly stays outdoors. This cockroach is also a “greenhouse cockroach” because it can infest greenhouses in cooler climates. 

American Cockroach can move at approximately 5.6 kilometers per hour. They are quick and move inconsistently to different sides.  Lighter red-brown in color with a pale-yellow border on its head, it is the largest (out of the 3 kinds) cockroach. It usually lives in-wall, dumps, grease traps, and even found in some food preparation. This cockroach can alter the flavor of any food It touches because they produce an odorous secretion. 

Lastly, the Smokey Brown Cockroach has a uniform color and can also fly. It usually stays outdoor around the forest but also stays inside homes. It is a large species of cockroach and can grow to a length of 1 ¼ -1 3/8 inches in size. It can be found in warmer cities like Sydney and Brisbane. This cockroach is considered as a detritus feeder because it obtains nutrients from decomposing plants, animal parts, also feces, or any decaying matter. 

Don’t get a Bite, Know them well 

What are the cockroaches feeding habit? Cockroaches usually eat many kinds of food including remaining dishes in the kitchen sink and tend to touch anything in the garbage and because of this, they easily contaminate food and spread many diseases to humans. Cockroaches can also store bacteria and viruses inside their digestive system, which cause Salmonella, gastroenteritis, some allergies, and polio (virus).  

Where are the hiding spots of cockroaches? Some hide-outs of cockroaches are in food preparation areas like kitchen and pantry of our house, we may find them also in confined spaces like cabinets near refrigerators, in crack walls, furniture left unused, grease traps and drains, while there are cockroaches that stay in tree bark and piles of wood. 

Why are cockroaches need to be avoided? The scary thing about cockroaches is that they can easily contaminate food and many utensils, plates, and drinking glasses in our kitchen, which may cause people to experience having rashes and even asthma attacks in severe cases. 

 And even we put screens and other materials we think that can prevent cockroaches’ entry in our homes, they can still easily get through inside the water pipes and drains. Cockroaches’ bite may also cause swelling of the skin and makes it bumpy when touched and becomes very itchy at times. 

Frequent general cleaning of all parts of the house should be kept in mind by the homemaker to look out for possible cockroach infestation. But the question is: Is keeping your house clean enough to avoid cockroaches at home? 

Cockroach Problem needs Professionals

There are houses without any visible signs of cockroaches, approximately 20-48%at that, but can be detected by pest control experts through some tests in the dust with cockroach allergens. This is very difficult for a homeowner to determine the presence of this pest. The house may seem clean, with no insect crawling on the floor, kitchen area, or in your attic, but there is a possible infestation growing inside your water pipes or furniture or your neighbor’s.                                                                                                                                                                  

And the best thing to do is to call up professional help from the pest control experts. Licensed, knowledgeable, and qualified pest control professionals who can inspect, determine the kind, origin, and extent of the infestation, then manage the cockroaches by using safe pest control pesticides. 

The treatment bySAFEPESTControl Exterminators would include the following:(1) Spraying to lower outer walls, garden (if any), interior with a safe multi-insecticide (2) Dusting of roof void, wall cavities, and subfloors with an environmentally-friendly dust insecticide. Then, (3) a special cockroach gel bait is next to be applied to all kitchen cupboards, bathrooms, laundry, and lastly (4)A follow-up with spray and gel application after Two (2) weeks of initial treatment. 

Let SAFEPestControl Experts assist you with ease, we are here as your friend to help you with your cockroach problem, just give us a Call, 1300119085.

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