Dos and Donts in Essay writing


If you spend enough time writing essays, you get a feel for what should and shouldn’t be done. If you work for a writing service, you are exposed to different writing situations on a weekly basis, and if you are good, then you learn a thing or two. The five tips on this article were all approved by the top 10 writers within the world of online essay writing.

DO – Plan your essay and your time

Planning your essay need be nothing more than a list of points you wish to add into your essay. A plan will help you avoid writer’s block, helps to keep your essay balanced, and helps to stop it becoming unevenly weighted because you accidentally spent more time concentrating on one subject/point for too long.

The more you practice making essay plans, then the more helpful they become. Don’t write full notes for potential research sources, just write a line to explain the resource, and then give the resource and page number so you can research the details at a later date. Make bullet-point lists for your main points, and offshoot other bullet points for clarification details.

Make a time budget so the you know how long you are going to spend on each item, how long you are going to research, how long it will take to write, and how long it will take to proofread.

DO NOT – leave your essay until the day before

The worst thing you can do is rush your essay. If you have foolishly left your essay until a few days (or a day) before the deadline, then use an essay writing service. They have writers that write essays every day and have become very efficient as a result.

DO – Use an essay writing service

If you are struggling, if you are having trouble getting your work done on time, if you have been sick, and if you have had family trouble–these are all good reasons to use an essay writing service. They are so popular for a reason; it is because they are able to produce passable essays within a short space of time that students can put their own names to.

DO NOT – Try to fix your essay before it is finished

The biggest time waster for students is not Facebook, or YouTube, gaming, sex, drinking, parties and drugs. The biggest time waster is students trying to fix their work before it is fully finished.

The red squiggly lines under your misspellings may be annoying, but ignore them. Forget about grammar and syntax. Finish your essay fully, and then go back and spell-check, proofread and edit.

DO – Start your essay the same day you receive it

If you want to get your essay done in a short space of time, then start it the same day you receive it. Suddenly–it becomes an unfinished task as opposed to something you can put off. The fact it is not finished will bug you more than the fact you haven’t started it. The mild annoyance these unfinished task causes, will compel you to finish your essay.

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