A Master of Science in Global Finance That Spans the Globe


The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology School of Business and Management (HKUST) and New York University Stern School of Business (NYU Stern) have partnered together for a challenging new programme for established finance executives looking to earn a Master of Science in Hong Kong. By bringing together the latest insights from Wall Street with the emerging Asian market, the programme offers students a unique understanding into global finance.

This Master of Science in Global Finance programme is broken into ten modules occurring over weekends across a span of one year to fit the schedule of busy executives and are taught in three of the major financial centres in the world: Hong Kong, Beijing, and New York. The programme strives to enrich its students’ knowledge of finance and to aid them in developing a deeper understanding of the latest trends in the global financial markets. The initial modules and closing ceremony take place at HKUST’s Hong Kong campus.

The middle intensive learning modules are taught at NYU Stern’s campus, and a module is completed in Beijing at TsinghuaUniversity. Students can expect to take an in-depth look at a wide range of topics from corporate finance to portfolio management to FX and derivative markets to fixed income, risk management, and banking reform. The methods of learning include interactive lectures, real-life case studies, and integrative projects. Each module tackles a different aspect of global finance. At the HKUST campus, students begin by looking at macroeconomic forces that affect global and Asian financial markets.

From there, students engage in a comprehensive overview of the financing and investment decisions made by firms that covers capital budgeting, dividend policy, financing policy, and managerial incentives. The next module tackles the “Foundations of Investments” with an introduction to modern asset pricing theory, as well as a fundamental knowledge of fixed income and derivative products. “Portfolio Management & Asset Allocation” comes next and includes topics such as construction of global benchmarks, portfolio construction, factor models, currency risk management, investment strategies, performance evaluation, and attribution.

With the fifth module, the programme begins its New York portion with a study of the structure, valuation, and strategies of derivatives markets. The module “Fixed Income Instruments & Markets” addresses fixed income financial instruments and their derivatives, covering types of debt instruments, interest rate structures, and building the yield curve, the valuation of debt securities, debt default, and related topics.

The programme then returns to continue the Master of Science in Hong Kong with a module covering the valuation of companies and the creation of shareholder value by looking at the interplay of corporate strategy and finance. The eighth module travels to Beijing to look at “Banking Reform & Corporate Risk Management in China”, which encompasses China’s financial markets, reform of financial institutions, and corporate risk management. The time in Beijing also affords students the opportunity to network with executives in China.

The programme returns to New York for its final two modules in “Risk Management in Financial Institutions” and “Risk Management in Financial Institutions.” Both these modules build on student interests and other lessons taught earlier in the programme. The programme concludes back in Hong Kong with project presentations and the closing ceremonies.

The Master of Science in Global Finance programme for a Master of Science in Hong Kong is not for everyone. It is intended for global executives who have at least five years of working experience in banking, finance or other professional service industries. As such, the modules are scheduled to fit the busy schedules of these professionals. If you do meet the criteria for admission, you will find a special opportunity to see global finance at work from different parts of the world. This education and the network you will build globally with your fellow participants is one of a kind.

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