5 Best Marketing Tips for Real Estate


Marketing is something that is fairly easy if put on a scale. It all depends on where it it first taught. If marketing is taught to be hard, thats a persons first impression and that how one will take marketing.

Marketing is certainly a key phrase for real estate agents as it falls into their line of work every day. Marketing a house and Marketing themselves are the 2 essentials that every real estate agents strives towards on a daily basis. Being that real estate agents need to get their own clients ( just like lawyers), they must find the best way to market who they are, what they can do and who they currently work for. Aside from this aspect, there are also competitors that get into the mix when marketing out ones abilities. Finding a way to beat competitors can be easy or hard. It all depends on how one looks at it.

Here are some amazing marketing tips that we have put together for real estate agents to do on and off the web!

5 Best Marketing Tips

1- Website. Having a website is a very important part of marketing on the web. A website showcases everything from ones biography, to images, real estate license number, brokerage info, achievements and contact information. It is mandatory for every real estate agent to have a website under their name.
2-Subscription. Placing a small subscription box on a website can certainly turn your viewers into your followers magically. Take a subscription box into your advantage. Don’t let those visitors visit your website and then never come back. Or expect them to bookmark you as an agent if they like your work. Its your job to stay in touch with people, or they will most likely forget. Collecting your subscribers is the first step to building your email listing and sending your followers great insights on the current market and listings that are available at the moment. Remember send something once a month. Sending something every day or many times a week can be over doing it and you don’t want subscribers to ‘unsubscribe’. Be tasteful with your content and only share with your subscribers something that they must know at the moment.
3- Business Cards. List you website on your business card. Having as many outlets for your future leads to connect with you is the best way to go.
4-Social Media. Get active on social media sites! Let people know what you are doing at the moment and what interesting things are happening in your life on a daily basis. Social media sites are known to attract new individuals with the same likes to your page and this is something that should certainly be in your book of goals.
5- Website Blogging. Install a wordpress into your site and start blogging! Pour your heart out on your blog. Then you can sit back and watch your views going up! Remember to always stay constant with blogging. If you blog every

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